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About Uro Square

Uro Square is a kolkata based out patient clinic, providing Urological consultancy since the year1999. It has its branches both in South and North kolkata.

Genitourinary cancer, female urology and General urology patients are treated with special interest and expertise. Chief urologist is Dr.(Prof)Ranjan Kumar Dey. Dr. Sumantra Dey and Dr. Puja Chatterjee are associated as deputy consultants. [More...]

Services We Provide


This field is devoted to the diagnosis and treatments of tumors of urinary systems. Most importantly taking care of patients with prostate cancer, kidney, testicular and bladder cancer. Physicians that are trained in this field are called uro-oncologists.

Urinary Stone Surgery

Small kidney stones may pass through your urinary tract without treatment. If you’re able to pass a kidney stone, a health care professional may ask you to catch the kidney stone in a special container. A health care professional will send the kidney stone to a lab to find out what type it is. A health care professional may advise you to drink plenty of liquids if you are able to help move a kidney stone along. The health care professional also may prescribe pain medicine.

Female Urology

Female urology is a subspecialty of urology that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions that commonly affect women. These conditions are due to the unique anatomy of the female urinary tract and reproductive system.

Prostate Laser Surgery

Prostate laser surgery is used to relieve moderate to severe urinary symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate — a condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia ( BPH ). During prostate laser surgery, your doctor inserts a scope through the tip of your penis into the tube that carries urine from your bladder (urethra).

General Urology

Urology is a field of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders stemming from the urinary tract as well as from the reproductive system in males.


Our Doctor

Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dey

M. S. (General Surgery) ,
M. Ch. (Urology)
Professor of Urology, WBMES.
Practising Since : 1997

UroSqure is run by Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dey almost for the last two decades. He had his schooling from Hare School, Kolkata. Graduated from R. G. Kar Medical college, Kolkata.(1984).

During his post graduate training, he worked under Prof. Bimalendu Mukherjee, at Calcutta National medical college (1989). He obtained his post doctoral degree in urology from IMS, BHU. (1994). He has keen interest for the treatment of Urological cancer, female urology and General urology condition.

Presently he is the Secretary of Bengal Urological Society and Executive council

Member of Urological Society of India.

Dr. Sumantra Dey

M. S. (General Surgery)

He is a qualified general surgeon from The West Bengal University of Health Sciences. He is trained for general surgery , urology and renal transplant.

Dr. Puja Chatterjee

M. D. (Gynaecology).

She is a qualified gynaecologist. Specially trained in gynaecology, cancer Urology.


Our Patients Says About Us